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About Us

The team here at Playful Journeys is a unique group of highly trained clinicians offering a variety of mental health services within the Alaskan community. The goal of the clinic is to offer quality services that lead to healthy outcomes for patients.

Our Story

Playful Journeys, Inc. was established in 2011 after discovering the power of play in healing trauma and attachment wounds.  Play is the natural language of children that allows the trained play therapist to heal the most vulnerable of all, our community’s children and teens.  The skilled therapists at Playful Journeys, Inc. include credentialed Registered Play Therapist and understand that in order to heal children, care for the adults in their world is also necessary.  Generational and historical trauma impacts each and everyone of us and creates implicit memory triggers that is best healed by non verbal, expressive arts, sand tray, and play interventions. Over the years Playful Journeys, Inc. has grown to provide compassionate and supportive care that includes psychiatric medication management and Neurofeedback. 

Meet The Team

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