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Playful Journeys, Inc.

Providing the best care possible through comprehensive, therapeutic and an evidence-based approach to healing our community and helping our youth to change the trajectory of their lives.

"Mental health... is not a destination, but a process. It's about how you drive, not where you're going."

Noam Shpancer, PHD


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Individual Therapy

 Your therapist will talk with you in order to find the right interventions that will help achieve established behavioral goals.  It is important that parents and therapists are on the same page and track the behaviors that you would like to see resolved. Once positive momentum is going and objectives are being achieved, it is likely that the session frequency is lessened until therapy is no longer necessary.

Family & Play Therapy

 Your family may want to come all together work on problems as a whole group. During family therapy, your therapist may want to get a history of the problems from each family member individually, or parents first, and then children, to be determined by the therapist. Once the assessment is complete, goals and objectives are determined. Games and other fun interventions are designed to help your family work through the identified issues.  Once goals are achieved, the family graduates! 

Medication Management

Psychiatric medication management includes a comprehensive evaluation where the identified patient, legal guardian(s), and at times outside sources (e.g. teachers, etc.) provide history and data that is obtained and reviewed. Based on the data provided treatment options are discussed and the goal is to explore least invasive interventions that may include referrals, alternative options, and psychopharmacology.


Neurofeedback, also called neurotherapy, is a type of biofeedback that presents real-time feedback from brain activity in order to reinforce healthy brain function through operant conditioning.

Insurance & Fees

Mental health services is covered by most insurance companies and plans. We are preferred providers for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, and and Tricare. We do courtesy bill all insurances. Please call your insurance company to get pre-authorized for services:  1) ask what your coverage is for Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation (90791) individual therapy (CPT code 90834 and/or 90837) or for family therapy (CPT code 90847) or family therapy w/o patient present (CPT 90846); Psychiatric Medication Evaluation (CPT 90792, 99204) or Medication Management Follow-up (CPT 99213, 99214, 99215), TOVA testing (CPT 96112); 2) find out what has been met on your deductible for you or your child; 3) find out what your co-pay or coinsurance amount will be.  Please note that your contract is between you and your insurance company and you are ultimately responsible for all unpaid services incurred.


   If your child has an open investigation regarding a crime committed against them, they may qualify for Violent Crimes Compensation Board monies.  You can click here to find out more information.  We have an application on our website for your convenience ->

* All report writing and phone calls will be billed in 30 minute minimums.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation  90791                                                 $375           

Psychiatric Diagnostic Eval. w/ Med Svcs  99205 or 90792            $485 

Individual Therapy   90837                                                                                 $327           

Individual Therapy  90834                                                                                  $220         

Medication Management Follow Up E/M Codes: 99213                   $250

                                                                                                           99214                  $300

                                                                                                           99215                  $360

Family Therapy     90847 or 90846                                                                $220         

Report Writing                                                                                                           $180          
Interactive Complexity   90785                                                                         $ 32           
No show or late cancellations                                                                             $ 60           

Psychotherapy w/ E&M Service Add on codes: 90833                        $180

                                                                                                      90836                        $220

 T.O.V.A                                                                                      96112                        $390       

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