Can We Be Too Attached? (Hopefully a really cool video to follow!)

October 5, 2014

This is SO CUTE!  Babies have a wonderful way of keeping us close to them!   We don't like to hear our children cry or be distressed.  When is it too much?  Often when our children are upset or experiencing a difficult emotion, we just want to make them feel better.  As children grow, parents should be careful of not allowing their child the opportunity to work through distressing feelings on their own.  This way, children can learn the important self-regulation skills they will need as teens and adults.  Parents can offer support and guidance to their children while not rescuing them.  Being able to talk about their feelings is an important skill that we need to be teaching our children.  It is just as importa

nt, if not more important, as their academic skills.  Expressing their feelings and needs helps you understand what is going on with them and how to help, therefore creating a secure attachment.  A securely attached child has better self-esteem than children who do not have a secure attachment.  Finally, you can be academically smart, but without self-worth it is difficult to be successful.  Let your child grow emotionally!  Read any parenting book by Dan Siegal, MD or Becky Bailey, PhD to help learn healthy emotional boundaries between you and your child.

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