Mental health therapy is covered by most insurance companies and plans. We are preferred providers for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tricare. We do courtesy bill all insurances. Please call your insurance company to get pre-authorized for services:  1) ask what your coverage is for individual therapy (CPT code 90834 and/or 90837) or for family therapy (CPT code 90847); 2) find out what has been met on your deductible for you or your child; 3) find out what your co-pay or coinsurance amount will be.  Please note that your contract is between you and your insurance company and you are ultimately responsible for all unpaid services incurred.


   If your child has an open investigation regarding a crime committed against them, they may qualify for Violent Crimes Compensation Board monies.  You can click here to find out more information.  We have an application on our website for your convenience ->         


If you are caring for a child who is in OCS custody, some special considerations may be made for funding.  You could find out by calling your child's case worker at 357-9797.  

  * All report writing and phone calls will be billed in 30 minute minimums

Intake Assessment                                            325

Individual Therapy   60 min                               210
Individual Therapy   45 min                               180
Family Therapy                                                 180
Report Writing                                                   180

No show or late cancellations                             60


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