• Hands on games and activities in waiting area

  • Electronics limited waiting area

  • Arts and crafts areas

  • ​Comfortable 'talking spaces'

  • ​Sandtray area

  • Friendly faces

  • ​Spacious offices for movement


Our waiting area and offices help children feel welcome and relaxed.  Therapists explain to children that this is a place where they can come and play about their big feelings.  We explain to teens that sometimes we use the sandtray figures or art to help them better express themselves.   Adults are surprised at how easy it is to do a sandtray to more fully express their emotional experience about a particular issue.


Drawing helps therapist and client connect on a different level.  It helps calm one's limbic system and "speaks" from the area of the brain that distressing memories and feelings are stored, which facilitates healing.


Sandtray helps kids play out their stories in the sand. Teens use sandtray figurines as metaphors for what they are feeling and thinking about an experience.  Adults use sandtray to explore their inner experience and express their emotions about an issue.  It can also be used to strengthen positive beliefs about one's self.